Rome: Places to Explore


  • Ancient Rome

    If you ever wanted to feel like the Caesars—with all of ancient Rome (literally) at your feet—simply head to Michelangelo's famed Piazza del Campidoglio. There, make a beeline for the terrace flanking the... Read more

  • Aventino, Testaccio, and Coloseo

    Rising like a massive headland above the Tiber, the Aventine Hill is the one area in Rome where trills of birdsong win out over the din of traffic. That's highly appropriate, as the hill's name derives... Read more

  • Corso and Spagna

    In spirit, and in fact, this section of Rome is its most grandiose. The overblown Vittoriano monument, the labyrinthine treasure-chest palaces of Rome's surviving aristocracy, even the diamond-draped denizens... Read more

  • Esquilino and Celio

    Rome's most sprawling hill—the Esquiline—lies at the edge of the tourist maps, another Rome. Even Imperial Rome could not have matched this minicosmopolis for sheer internationalism. Right around Termini... Read more

  • Navona and Campo

    If the Navona quarter doesn't enchant you, nothing in Rome will. Flowered balconies, brilliantly colored palazzi, Bernini's best fountain, friendly sidewalk caffè, priceless Caravaggio altarpieces, and... Read more

  • Repubblica and Quirinale

    Just west of Rome's modern Termini train station, this area offers an extraordinary Roman blend of old and new. Although ancient artworks, great Bernini sculptures, and Baroque landmarks lure the traveler... Read more

  • Trastevere and the Ghetto

    New York has its Greenwich Village, and Rome has its Trastevere. In Trastevere's case, however, the sense of being a world apart goes back more than two millennia. The inhabitants don't even call themselves... Read more

  • The Vatican

    Climbing the steps to St. Peter's Basilica feels monumental, like a journey that has reached its climactic end. Harlequin-costumed Swiss Guards stand at attention, curly spears at their sides, dreaming... Read more

  • Villa Borghese and Piazza del Popolo

    If beautiful masterpieces are as common as bricks in Rome, parks are far rarer. Happily, although you'll find few ilex and poplars dotting piazzas and streets, a verdant hoard can be found to the north... Read more


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