St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Places to Explore



Mayreau (pronounced my-row) is minuscule—1½ square miles (4 square km). With the exception of 22 acres at its northern tip that was bought in 1977 by a German-Canadian family and 21 acres that comprise the island's single (unnamed) village and were acquired by St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mayreau remains owned by heirs of the original French plantation owners. Only about 250 residents live in the hilltop village, Station Hill, and there are no proper roads. Visitors enjoy these natural surroundings in one of the prettiest locations in the Grenadines—one of the few spots where the calm Caribbean is separated from the Atlantic surf by only a narrow strip of beach. It's a favorite stop for boaters, as well, who anchor in Saltwhistle Bay. Except for water sports and hiking, there's not much to do—but everyone prefers it that way. For a day's excursion, you can hike up Mayreau's only hill (wear sturdy shoes) for a stunning view of the Tobago Cays. Then stop for a drink at Dennis' Hideaway and enjoy a swim at Saline Bay beach, where you may be joined by a boatload of cruise-ship passengers. The only access to Mayreau is by boat (ferry, private, or hired), which you can arrange at Union Island.

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