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If you associate Puerto Rico's capital with the colonial streets of Old San Juan, then you know only part of the picture. San Juan is a major metropolis, radiating out from the bay on the Atlantic Ocean that was discovered by Juan Ponce de Leon. More than a third of the island's 4 million citizens proudly call themselves sanjuaneros. The city may be rooted in the past, but it has its eye on the future. Locals go about their business surrounded by colonial architecture and towering modern structures.


San Juan Hotels

The small, government-sponsored inns called paradores are primarily en la isla (out on the island) rather than in San... read more


San Juan Restaurants

In cosmopolitan San Juan, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and chic fusion eateries vie for your attention with family-owned... read more


San Juan Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go to San Juan

    Take a stroll: Wander the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan—the fortifications and governor's mansion are a UNESCO World... Read more

  • Best Beaches in San Juan

    Just because you're staying in the city doesn't mean you'll have to forgo time on the playa. San Juan's beaches are among the... Read more

  • Architecture of San Juan

    San Juan has been under construction for nearly 500 years, which shows in the city's wide range of architectural styles. The Old City's... Read more

  • San Juan Music

    Music is a source of Puerto Rican pride and is an inescapable part of nearly every festival, holiday, party, and even political protest.... Read more

  • San Juan Nightlife

    As befits a metropolitan capital city, San Juan has a wide variety of restaurants and bars for people with all sorts of palates and party... Read more

  • Dinner Time

    Sanjuaneros generally eat dinner late; if you arrive at a restaurant before 7 pm, you may only find other tourists. Read more

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