British Virgin Islands Travel Guide


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Tortola and Virgin Gorda are the largest—and most visited—of the British Virgin Islands, but the country is made up of 50-some islands and cays, many of them small and uninhabited. Of these outlying islands, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada get the lion's share of visitors, but several other smaller islands have notable resorts.

Once a collection of about 60 sleepy islands and cays, the British Virgin Islands—particularly the main island of Tortola—now see huge cruise ships crowding the dock outside Road Town. Shoppers clog the downtown area, and traffic occasionally comes to a standstill. Even the second-largest island, Virgin Gorda, gets its share of smaller ships anchored off the main village of Spanish Town. Despite this explosive growth in the territory's tourism industry, it's still easy to escape the hubbub. Hotels outside Road Town usually provide a quiet oasis, and those on the other islands can be downright serene.


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