The Other Islands: Places to Explore


  • Fatu Hiva

    The southernmost island in the Marquesas archipelago, Fatu Hiva is also the most isolated. The island has high sheer cliffs, craggy slopes, and a mass of untamed vegetation. The lush jungles are divided... Read more

  • Hiva Oa

    Isolated and wildly beautiful, Hiva Oa—known as the garden of the Marquesas—was the wild paradise that French artist Paul Gauguin escaped to in 1901 and where he lived out the rest of his days. In Gauguin's... Read more

  • Mangareva

    Mangareva, with a population around 1,000, is the farthest island from Tahiti (1,033 mi away) and virtually the only inhabited one. It's certainly the only one with tourist accommodations. Pearl farming... Read more

  • Nuku Hiva

    Author Herman Melville summed up Nuku Hiva as a "country that no description could fit the beauty." Melville deserted his ship, the whaler Acushnet in the Marquesas and for a short time lived among the... Read more

  • Raiatea

    Known as the "Sacred Island," Raiatea is a fascinating haunt for archaeologists and historians as it's one of the islands in the Pacific where Polynesian culture can trace its roots. Visitors will find... Read more

  • Tahaa

    Located just north of Raiatea, and only a few minutes by shuttle boat, the fragrant scent of vanilla envelops Tahaa, giving it its nickname, "the vanilla island." The island produces more than 80% of French... Read more

  • Tubuai

    Life is quiet for the 2,000-some inhabitants of Tubuai, which is 644 km (400 mi) south of Tahiti. It's a mellow, subtropical island of approximately 70 square km (27 square mi) and the capital of the Austral... Read more

  • Ua Huka

    Arid and small, at approximately 78 square km (30 square mi), Ua Huka (which means "great house" in the Polynesian language) is home to around 570 people, but they are greatly outnumbered by many more... Read more