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Tahiti's restaurants offer every possible cuisine. Don't expect too many bargains, but if you shop around you're likely to find affordable Asian dishes. If you want to mix and mingle with the locals, head to the roulottes at Place Vaiete, where you'll find a variety of delicious quick meals such as pizza, chow mein, and fish at reasonable prices.

There's an enormous array of restaurants in Pape'ete and its nearby suburbs with options ranging from the very top end with sky-high prices to casual cafés in the city's shopping malls. Each of the main resorts has at least two dining areas, one usually a gourmet restaurant under the control of a well-known chef.

It's always a good idea to book ahead during the high season, especially for the dinner and cultural show performances. Check with a restaurant whether they provide free transfers, as some beyond the city will pick up and deliver you to your hotel.

Tipping is not required, but as Tahiti and Pape'ete get more accustomed to tipping, people will certainly accept tips. Resorts always leave a space on the tab to add a gratuity.

French is the main cuisine, although there are many Asian eateries and a sprinkling of other nationalities. It's not hard to find a restaurant with a water view; the restaurants along Pape'ete's main road—Boulevard Pomare—have vistas across the harbor, or you can always grab a great lagoon position at one of the resorts or at the clutch of eateries in the town of Puna'auia, a lively beach and marina district about 15 km (8 mi) west of the city.

Those wanting to save their francs and mix with the locals, should head to the roulottes, the mobile food vans selling chow mein, chicken, crepes, steak, and other meals, which open for business at Place Vaiete each day at 6 pm.

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