Caqalai Island Resort

Caqalai, Eastern, Fiji

This is among the most rustic resorts in Fiji, which also makes it one of the most memorable if you want personal time with excellent sand, surf, and sun in a minimally impacted setting. If you can't handle outhouse toilets and water-tanks-with-faucets in place of sinks, this isn't for you. Activities include excellent snorkeling and diving, boat trips to nearby Moturiki island for trekking, and village tours on Sunday in time for the 10 am church service, which invariably features remarkable a cappella singing. The 10 small bure include double beds, one with a single bed, and one with two doubles, and 10-bed dorm gets its sheets adorned with fresh hibiscus flowers. The included three meals a day are usually good as well as hearty (although vegetarians cannot be picky) and dinner is accompanied by pleasant acoustic guitars and song.


  • warm staff
  • natural feel
  • rarely more than 10 guests at a time


  • power turned off by 10
  • shared bathrooms
  • cold water only


Phones: -749–6173


11 rooms
Rate Includes: All meals