Fiji Experience


Fiji's Top 5

A Warm Welcome. Fijians have a talent for making guests feel welcome. Whether you meet locals at your resort, in a village, or on a public bus, the encounter is sure to thaw even the frostiest big-city commuter.

Pampered Luxury. Speaking of friendly, most resorts are quiet and intimate, housing no more than 40 guests, and the staff will remember your name the first time you meet and know your favorite drink by the third day. You'll be blown away by your lush, comfortable surroundings as well.

Soft Coral Capital. Both seasoned and first-time divers and snorkelers will delight in the coral's shapes, sizes, and colors. Some reefs are only a short swim from the beach, so even those made timid by deep water can take a peak.

Beautiful Beaches. The blanket-soft, blindingly white beaches of the western island groups easily rival those of the Caribbean, and many have a sexy volcano-and-rain-forest setting to boot.

Natural Riches. Fiji's pristine natural riches are by no means limited to its coasts. There are kayaking and hiking in Viti Levu's rain forest and swimming beneath breathtaking waterfalls in Taveuni's Bouma National Heritage Park, just to name a few.

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