Tibet Features


Tibet Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to Tibet

    Barkhor: Tibetan Buddhism's holiest pilgrimage circuit, the Barkhor is both the heart of Old Lhasa and one of the liveliest people-watching spots... Read more

  • Lhasa Express

    One of history's most audacious engineering projects, the rail line to Lhasa began construction in 2001 after more than 30 years of delays. Chairman... Read more

  • The Tibetans

    They live primarily on the Tibet-Qinghai Plateau, but they also make their homes in southern Gansu, western and northern Sichuan, and northwestern... Read more

  • A Once-Mighty Empire

    The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) bears only a passing resemblance to what was once a massive empire that encompassed all of Tibet, Qinghai (except... Read more

  • Festivals and Celebrations

    Try to time your visit with one of the brilliantly colorful traditional Tibetan festivals. Dancing monks whip up a frenzy to dispel the evil... Read more