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Nagoya cuisine is considered hearty, and is famous for its aka miso (red miso). Dishes featuring this sticky, sweet paste include misonikomi udon, thick noodles cooked in an earthenware pot of miso soup with chicken, egg, wood mushrooms, and green onions (you may want the chili pepper served on the side); hitsumabushi, chopped eel cooked in miso; and calorie-laden miso katsu, pork cutlet with miso-flavored sauce.

Other local specialties include kishimen, velvety smooth flat white noodles; tebasaki, deep-fried (sometimes spicy) chicken wings; and uiro, a sweet cake made of rice powder and sugar, eaten during the tea ceremony. The highly prized ko-chin is a specially fattened and extremely tender kind of chicken.

Updated: 2014-01-31

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