Juhu, Bandra, and the Western Suburbs

The suburbs that make up the majority of Mumbai lie north of the island city, and spread out for miles on end, but visitors are likely only to visit the two main ones: Juhu and Bandra. Both house Mumbai’s rich and famous, including most of its Bollywood stars (and studios). Being right in the middle of Mumbai, the main feature of Juhu is Juhu Beach, but it's not the kind of sandy oasis for swimming, or even sunbathing, even though it was recently cleaned up—you’ll notice the locals, fully clothed, jumping around in the water, but theirs is a stronger constitution, so limit yourself to a sunset stroll. Instead, tourists are most likely to come here either for a hotel room or to sample one or two of its many bars and clubs. Bandra, the hub of hip Mumbai, is full of boutiques, trendy restaurants, and expats, and though it's low on sightseeing it's high on eating and drinking spots. If Bollywood’s your thing, ask your cabbie or rickshaw driver to take you past the towering homes of superstars Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan, or past historic Mehboob Studios. If it isn’t, stop in for a drink at one of the many watering holes on Waterfield Road. Beyond Juhu and Bandra, other suburbs, such as Khar and Santa Cruz, are only worth a trip for the culinary offerings of certain restaurants.

Explore Juhu, Bandra, and the Western Suburbs


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