10 Ways to Find Healing in Suzhou, China

January 9, 2017 at 4:10:00 PM EST | Post a Comment

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Located in the Jiangsu Province of Eastern China, Suzhou is a thriving metropolis of 13 million people, which makes it all the more remarkable that it offers healing and wholeness for travelers. Framed by 85 historical sites, Suzhou’s Grand Canal is 1,200 miles long and rivals the Great Wall as one the most magnificent man-made wonders in China. The labyrinth of waterways gives way to the Hanshan Temple, the city’s most important landmark. Due to Internet censorship, expect your favorite websites like Google, Facebook, and YouTube to be blocked, which means you can entirely disconnect from technology and fully connect to Suzhou. It may not be a beach destination, but for a brief moment, Suzhou will rescue you. Here are 10 ways to find healing in Suzhou.—Marlise Kast-Myers

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