Kanyanta Rd., Livingstone, Southern, Zambia

The entire design of this small establishment is user-friendly, inviting, and certainly aimed at both private relaxation and easy interaction with other travelers. Superbly maintained and professionally run, the lodge offers a variety of room types to suit every budget and need. There are eight unisex dorms varying from three to 16 beds, 10 private rooms with shared bathrooms, five private en-suite rooms and one executive suite with a private kitchen. The suite, five en-suite rooms, and two eight-bed dorms also have air-conditioning. The restaurant ($) serves the usual hamburger but also has a number of surprises on the menu, including a full roast on Sundays and exotic vegetarian soups made from local sweet potatoes and Indian spices. A kilometer away from the backpackers, just behind the Royal Livingstone Golf Course, is the new Jollyboys Camp, which is slightly more relaxed and family friendly. It has a family room, two dormitories, 7 private rooms with shared bathrooms and 7 en-suite rooms.


  • very central location
  • free daily transfers to the Falls


  • the lodge and camp are for backpackers, so are pretty basic
  • the location of the lodge right in the middle of town might not be exactly where you'd like to spend your holiday


Phones: 213-324–229 | 213-324–756


24 rooms
Rate Includes: No meals