Sports and the Outdoors in Langebaan


Sports and the Outdoors

The sheltered Langebaan Lagoon is a haven for water-sports enthusiasts, but you don't have to be energetic all the time. There are expansive stretches of beach that are good for walking, sunbathing, and kite flying. Be warned, however: the water might look calm and idyllic, but it's still cold, and the wind can blow unmercifully for days at a stretch. It's great for windsurfing, but not so great if you want to spend a peaceful day under your umbrella with a book.

Cape Sports Centre has everything you need if you want to kite surf, windsurf, kayak, or canoe or even learn how. You can rent gear or take lessons from qualified instructors, including packages consisting of a week of intensive lessons. Cape Sports Centre also rents mountain bikes. Main Rd., Langebaan, 7357. 021/772–1114.

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