Tafraoute is a pretty and quiet regional market and administrative center, nestled at the bottom of a valley. Usually overlooked by groups, it's a great base for exploring an area rich in natural beauty and overflowing with walks, many of which can be undertaken without bumping into another tourist. It is also a base for those wishing to experience some of Morocco’s best rock climbing. Although the dizzying mountains around Tafraoute may prove forbidding to cyclists or light hikers, half-day excursions can take you to prehistoric rock carvings, the Ammeln Valley, or the villages off the main road to Tiznit. It's also worth planning a day's excursion to the Aït Mansour gorges to the south of town, where you'll find a lush, verdant palm grove. The region around Tafraoute is a great place to visit some spectacular agadirs—hilltop granaries perched at the top of sheer cliffs. They include those at Amtoudi, Tasguint, and Ikouka.


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