Last Year’s Most Incredible Hotels in the World

We want to wake up somewhere new. Not just in another town, another country, another bed—but in another world. Somewhere magical, whimsical, peaceful, unique. At least for a little while.

We want to wake up in the 92 hotels we’ve chosen for 2023’s Fodor’s Finest Hotel Awards.

Each of these properties explodes with unapologetic design. Many of our favorite hotels this year are maximalist fever dreams, dripping with psychedelic wonderment, erupting with colors, and dazzling with patterns that defy tradition. Others boast their boldness with elegant, soothing décor and the meticulousness of minimalism. The design philosophies may seem disparate, but they have the same goal in mind. All of them want you to feel: inspired, stimulated, serene, transported. And what’s the point of traveling if you’re not feeling something? Even for a little while.

So, wake up somewhere new in 2023. Escape the endless chaos of everyday life and step right up into one of these 92 palaces of escapist make-believe.

Edited by Rachael Levitt, Eva Morreale, Nikki Vargas, and Jeremy Tarr. Photo editing by Viviane Teles, Eddie Aldrete, and Kadeem McPherson.

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