The 101 Most Incredible Hotels in the World in 2022

Wanderlust’s spell has enchanted us even more powerfully than usual in the last year. Trapped indoors, at home, or on lockdown–where can those of us bewitched by the call to travel satisfy the urge for adventure? Where in the world can we explore when a global pandemic continues to hinder the way we move about it? There’s personal risk, government guidelines, and health organization protocols to consider on top of general trip planning, and the travel industry has been scrambling to help those ready to get back out there to do so safely.

That’s where hotels have stepped it UP in the last year. Now more than ever, hotels understand their role as a gateway to their locality and an opportunity to provide a genuine reflection of the destination for which it resides–as well as spectacular accommodations for residence. A fantastic hotel must serve multiple functions: provide stunning accommodations, proffer genial hospitality and reliable service, maintain upgraded safety protocols, and now, be an escape in and of itself. These digs may be temporary, but perhaps it’s in their very momentary nature that makes the experience so essential to the traveler’s journey. 

The 2022 list of Fodor’s Finest Hotels features 101 glorious accommodations around the world—the crème de la crème of overnights, five-star quality quarters according to writers and editors who live to leave home. We could all use a little escape right now. So why not choose something spectacular?

Edited by Stacey Lastoe. Additional editing by Rachael Levitt, Eva Morreale, Nikki Vargas, Apeksha Bhateja, and Jeremy Tarr. Photo editing by Viviane Teles, Rebecca Rimmer, and Eddie Aldrete.

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