Lima's bus system is notorious. Full of rattletrap vehicles and insane drivers, it's also extremely confusing for non-locals who don't know the city's street names. True, fares are cheap—usually S/1–S/2 for a ride—but don't expect much in the way of comfort. You also need to watch your belongings, as pickpockets and bag-slashers can be a problem. A better way to travel between Barranco, Miraflores, and El Centro is the Metropolitano, a modern, high-speed bus line that runs down the middle of the Paseo de la República to the underground Estación Central in front of the Sheraton Lima Hotel. Service is from 6 am to 10 pm, and each trip costs S/2.50. Be warned, however: the buses turn into sardine cans during rush hour. The system uses rechargeable electronic cards you can buy from a vending machine for S/5. Stations on Avenida Bolognesi in Barranco and Avenida Benavides in Miraflores are walking distance from hotels, but the route is far from most lodgings in San Isidro.


Metropolitano. 01/428–3333; www.metropolitano.com.pe.

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