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Sunday is the day for sports. In the prosperous eastern part of the city, jogging and bicycling are popular, and inline skating is catching on. Some streets are closed to traffic for the latter. People also take fĂștbol (soccer) games quite seriously. Head to an open park to check out some local pick-up games, and try Parque de Los Reyes (near Barrio Brasil) if you want to see futbolito (soccer played on a mini-pitch) at play.

Athletic Clubs and Spas

All of Santiago's larger hotels have health clubs on the premises, usually with personal trainers on hand to assist you with your workout. Even...


Santiago has no shortage of public parks, and they provide good opportunities to see the city. If you're ambitious you can even pedal up Cerro...

Horse Racing

Betting on horses is popular in Santiago, which is the reason you see so many Teletrak betting offices. The city has two large racetracks. ...


KL Ski Rental. If you're planning on hitting the slopes, KL Ski Rental not only rents skis and snowboards, but also arranges transportation...


Chile's most popular spectator sport is soccer, but a close second is watching the endless bickering among owners, trainers, and players whenever...


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