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Richmond has two Amtrak stations: Main Street Station downtown and Staples Mill, about 10 mi to the west. Only the trains on the Northeast corridor stop at Main Street; more routes are offered from Staples Mill. Amtrak trains operate between Washington's Union Station, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and a number of commuter stops several times daily. A one-way ticket costs $22 between Fredericksburg and Washington and $30 between Washington and Richmond. Amtrak service between New York City and Newport News or Florida passes through Richmond daily. The Virginia Rail Express, which uses the same tracks and station as Amtrak, provides workday commuter service between Fredericksburg and Washington's Union Station, with additional stops near hotels in Crystal City, L'Enfant Plaza, and elsewhere. A round-trip ticket from Washington's Union Station to Fredericksburg costs $20.60. There's no mass transit to the Northern Neck, but you can take the train to Fredericksburg and rent a car.

Train Information

Virginia Rail Express. 703/684–1001 or 800/743–3873.

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