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Plan Your Arches National Park Vacation

More than 1 million visitors come to Arches annually, drawn by the red rock landscape and its teasing wind- and water-carved rock formations. The park is named for the 2,000-plus sandstone arches that frame horizons, cast precious shade, and nobly withstand the withering forces of nature and time. Fancifully named attractions like Three Penguins, Queen Nefertiti, and Tower of Babel stir the curiosity, beckoning even the most delicate of travelers from roadside locales. Immerse yourself in this immense park, but don’t lose yourself entirely—summer temperatures frequently crack 100°F, and water is hard to come by inside the park boundaries.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Arch appeal Nowhere in the world has such a large array and quantity of natural arches.
  2. Legendary landscape This section of Utah is every photographer’s dream. No wonder it’s been the chosen backdrop for many Hollywood films.
  3. Treasures hanging in the balance Landscape Arch and Balanced Rock look like they might topple tomorrow, and they could! Come quick as the features in this park erode and evolve constantly.
  4. Fins and needles Fins are parallel vertical shafts of eroding rock that slowly disintegrate into towerlike "needles." The spaces around and between them will carve their way into your memories like the wind and water that formed them.
  5. Moab Known as Utah’s "adventure capital," this small town is a great base from which to explore by foot, bicycle, balloon, watercraft, and four-wheeler.

When To Go

When to Go

The busiest times of year are spring and fall. In the spring blooming wildflowers herald the end of winter, and temperatures in the 70s bring...

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