Wind Cave National Park Travel Guide
  • Plan Your Wind Cave National Park Vacation

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Plan Your Wind Cave National Park Vacation

If you don't get out of your car at Wind Cave, you haven't scratched the surface—literally. The park has more than 145 miles of underground passageways. Curious cave formations include 95% of the world's mineral boxwork, and gypsum beard so sensitive it reacts to the heat of a lamp. This underground wilderness is part of a giant limestone labyrinth beneath the Black Hills. Wind Cave ranks as the sixth-longest cave in the world, but experts believe 95% of it has yet to be mapped.


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Top Reasons To Go

  1. Underground exploring Wind Cave offers visitors the chance to get their hands and feet dirty on guided tours through long and complex caves.
  2. The call of the wild Wind Cave National Park boasts a wide variety of animals bison, coyote, deer, antelope, elk, and prairie dogs.
  3. Education by candlelight Wind Cave offers numerous educational and interpretive programs, including the Candlelight Cave Tour, which allows guests to explore the cave by candlelight only.
  4. Historic cave On January 3, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a bill that made Wind Cave the first cave in the nation protected by the federal government.
  5. Noteworthy neighbors With its proximity to national parks, state parks, and other monuments, Wind Cave is situated perfectly to explore some of America's greatest national treasures.

When To Go

When to Go

The biggest crowds come to Wind Cave from June to September, but the park and surrounding Black Hills are large enough to diffuse the masses...

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