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Ask most residents about Union Terminal, and they'll tell you that it's a wonderful museum center that used to be a railroad station. They might not realize that it's both. Trains still stop by Union Terminal; just not as often as they used to. The station, which was completed in 1933, had 233 trains a day in its heyday; now it's just a whisper of that. The massive building has an art deco style, and huge mosaic murals are throughout the concourse and rotunda.

Amtrak's Cardinal services Cincinnati on the trip between Washington, D.C., and Chicago, a trip that passes through the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, and Shenandoah Valley.

Train Lines

Amtrak. 800/872–7245;

Train Station

Cincinnati Union Terminal. 1301 Western Ave., , off I–75 at Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio.

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