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9 Unusual Airbnb Rentals Around New York State

These rentals are as odd as they are secluded.

You want to get out of the city, sure, but you don’t just want to go anywhere, right? Of course, you don’t–because you’re different. You’re just a little weird, right? You need a rental that stands above the rest in a super bonkers way. A private island? Perhaps. A goat farm? Absolutely. Something called a “milk barn”? Why not! If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that separates itself from the crowd in a big way then look no further than these 10 bizarre Airbnbs in New York State.

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Mariaville Goat Farm Yurt

WHERE: Pattersonville, New York

Located in Pattersonville, this rental is a yurt and a goat farm. A farm off-the-grid, this is a great place to truly get away from it all…except goats. You will be surrounded by goats, which isn’t that surprising as it’s right there in the name. Don’t worry, though, they don’t live in the house–just on the deck. In addition to the goats, you’ll have full access to the yurt and its surrounding farm. Feel free to play with the goats, but avoid Nala, the resident pig. There is an outdoor shower and campfire, as well as a water- and wash-basin inside the yurt for cleaning purposes.

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Dave’s Milk Barn

WHERE: High Falls, New York

Would you like to stay in a place called a milk barn, and would it be fine with you if it belonged to Dave? Then this barn in High Falls, New York, is the place for you. This is literally an old (yet renovated) milk barn on a working farm. There are little sleeping lofts that require a trip up a ladder made out of what looks like sticks. It’s definitely small, but you’re staying here for the character, right? This home used to be a walk-in cooler for milk storage, but now it’s a cozy little loft perfect for two people (but no more than that, unless you like it crowded).

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The Paddle Inn on Heron Hideaway Island

WHERE: Cassadaga, New York

This red barn-style home sits on its own island (which you get to yourself). The island is only slightly bigger than the house, though, just so you know what you’re in for. This place is brand new and perfect for anyone needing some privacy. It is only accessible via boat or bridge, plus it comes with a canoe and two kayaks.

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Bellfire Tipi Getaway in the Catskills

WHERE: Roxbury, New York

This tipi in the woods of Roxbury is definitely “off-the-grid”–just FYI, there is no electricity and it’s BYOL (bring your own lantern). Located among the creeks and the tranquil setting of Meeker Hollow, this spot is known for being a prime stargazing location. It’s a great place for safe social distancing–the hosts say upfront that they are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize between guests, practicing social distancing, and generally adhering to CDC guidelines during This Trying Time. The entire tipi is 18-feet long and a great place for a sweet romantic getaway.

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Swiss Hill on Wheels

WHERE: Jeffersonville, New York

This tiny home, which is also a mobile home, says it offers free parking, which is confusing because do they mean for your personal car, or for this home on wheels?? Regardless, it’s still a fun place to stay. Complete with lovely views of the Catskills, you can stare at your surroundings right from a hot tub. It’s located in a charming town, should you feel brave enough to venture out into (gasp) crowds. For socially distant activities, the home is in the perfect location for outdoor excursions like hiking.

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Chez’ Tree Rest Treehouse

WHERE: LaFayette, New York

Located in LaFayette, this treehouse looks like it’s right out of a children’s movie–and, according to the reviews, it is sparkling clean. A clean, adventure treehouse? Am I dreaming, you might be asking? Well, this is not a dream, my friend, and it could be your reality for the cool price of…slightly over $200 a night. Worth it? Honestly, probably. The two-story treehouse is located on a hillside and is 150 square-feet of pure treehouse…so, yes, it’s small, technically, but you are staying in what looks like a magical set from Peter Pan, so you might as well enjoy it.

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Pallet Cottage

WHERE: Stony Point, New York

This place looks like the cover of a book set in the 1800s. Seriously, what is this? An old ranch? Well, there are 56 photos for this listing, so let’s take a look. Upon looking inside, this place is a…well, it’s a regular cabin. This is a very, very regular cabin, where the inside and the outside are simply: wood. But, you know what? It’s still super cute. Plus, it’s got plenty of woodsy areas to walk through, hang out by the streams, and generally enjoy the outdoors of Stony Point. Come and stay at this wood box, why don’t you!

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Camp Arden: The Library

WHERE: Loon Lake, New York

The beginning of this Airbnb listing reads: “Do you love books enough to sleep with them?” Well, if you answered yes to that, then you’re going to love staying in this…library? Wait, is this an actual library? Well, no. But, you’re completely surrounded by books, which you can spend time reading while curled up by the window and staring at the Adirondacks. Additionally, canoes and innertubes are available for guests to use. FYI, there is no cell phone service at this place. But that’s OK–there are books.

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The Octagon: Ultimate Social Distancing

WHERE: Ovid, New York

This place sounds like a challenge where I have to fight for my life, not a vacation home. To make matters more hilarious, this whole home is hosted by, simply: Guy. True to its title, this home is an octagon. There are two levels and a deck, and you’ve got Wi-Fi and television. Other than that, it’s all about solitude here, which is also true to its title of “The Octagon: Ultimate Social Distancing.” Come here to enter into your own video game where the challenge is that you have to social distance from people and sit around, privately. Seems pretty easy, honestly! Sign me up for this challenge, I am qualified!