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5 Hotels That Make the Old Port Chic

Joanne Latimer | February 22, 2018

Think beyond the cobblestones. Nestled inside the Old Port of Montreal are chic boutique hotels with edgy décor, world-class design, and a new take on heritage preservation. They’ve got more than cobblestones here, people--they’ve also got some serious style.

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Épik Montreal

Why it made the list

This place brought sexy back to Old Montreal. Épic set a new benchmark for contemporary boutique hotels when new owners took over a few years ago. Enter the sleek modern accents and open-concept lobby design. The new owners are honoring the hotel’s tradition of authentic excellence, while dazzling guests with up-to-the-minute design.

Bipolar in the best possible way, Épik marries the ru Read More


Hôtel Gault

Why it made the list

What could be more chic than the yellow sectional couch by designer Francesco Binfaré? Answer: probably nothing. This signature piece in the lobby is a popular zone for people to take pictures of themselves in, as is the bar and modern red chairs in the lobby. Decorated with so much large-scale contemporary art, the hotel’s interior belies the grey stone 19th century façade.

A heritage boutique hotel with serious design chops, the Gau Read More



Why it made the list

Home to the private art collection of fashion mogul George Marciano, LHOTEL is a curiosity. Its walls are filled with post-war American masters—Jim Dine, Frank Stella, Jasper Johns—along with works by European household names. Think line drawings by Matisse and Picasso. This heady modern art quotient makes the hotel “pop”, distinct from the building’s neoclassical style. The enormous LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana on the front sidewalk makes things clear: this is not your typical grande dame hotel in the Old Port.

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenburg—you Read More


Le Petit Hôtel

Why it made the list

Le Petit Hôtel embraces its edge, and you can tell right away by the black and white mural in the lobby dining area. By commissioning a local art collective to make such a strong visual statement, this small boutique hotel won the hearts and minds of young designers across town. Curious pedestrians along rue St-Paul are also drawn inside by the 7-foot signature orange sculpture inside the main door.

The hip little sister of the Auberge du Vieux Port, this is Read More


W Montréal

Why it made the list

The luxurious W chain's first Canadian hotel arrived in 2004, saving the old Bank of Canada building from a boring fate (offices with cubicles?!). The W is sexy and chic enough to attract its global clientele of race car drivers and A-listers who can be seen loitering on the designer chairs in the lobby.

A proper showcase for your Prada luggage! Attuned to interna Read More

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