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The 5 Most Pet-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver

Deanna deBara | July 25, 2018

One of the toughest parts about traveling is being separated from your loved ones—and that includes your four-legged friends. It's hard to enjoy your travels when you know your dog or cat is sitting at home, staring out the window and anxiously anticipating your return.

But lucky for you, you don't have to abandon Fido to explore Vancouver—there are plenty of hotels in the area that not only allow you to bring your pet but welcome them with open arms. Here are our picks for the most pet-friendly hotels in Vancouver that are dedicated to ensuring both you and your four-legged friend have a vacation to remember:


Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

Why it made the list

Most dog-friendly hotels have a size limit—which means if your furry friend is on the larger side, you're out of luck. But not at Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver! This property doesn't have a weight limit—meaning your pup will be welcome, no matter what size. There's also a number of dog parks in the area, so just ask the front desk to point you in the right direction.

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Hotel Blu

Why it made the list

When you're staying in a hotel with your pup, you want to make sure you're at a place that's actually pet-friendly—not just a place that tolerates animals. Thankfully, Hotel Blu lets you know exactly where they stand on the pet issue as soon as you and your pup arrive—when they immediately greet your four-legged friend with a treat.

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L'Hermitage Hotel

Why it made the list

There are a solid number of hotels that are dog-friendly—but cat-friendly? Not so much. But feline parents rejoice—you can bring your kitty along for your travels when you stay at L'Hermitage Hotel, which allows all pets as long as they're under 20lbs (and if your cat weighs more than that, the only place it should be traveling is the vet).

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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Why it made the list

One of the biggest challenges of traveling with your dog is knowing what to do with them. Where are the dog parks? Which restaurants are dog-friendly? What are some of the most popular pet-friendly activities in the city? Fairmont Hotel Vancouver understands and takes a proactive approach to the issue by providing you with a list at check-in of nearby pet-friendly activities for you and your "Canine Ambassador" to enjoy

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Opus Vancouver Hotel

Why it made the list

Opus Vancouver Hotel takes pet-friendly to a whole new level. Not only does staff welcome your pup with his own tent, bowl, and as many treats as he can handle, but if you have to leave your pup for a few hours, the staff will stop by and take him outside to make sure he doesn't get antsy (these "breaks" are complimentary, but gratuity is appreciated). There's also a fantastic dog park just a few blocks away—ask the front desk for directions.

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