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Taxis are your best transportation option around the city, and should be your only transportation after dark, even if going just a few blocks. Have someone from your hotel call you a cab at night rather than you trying to hail one. Same when heading back: have the restaurant or bar get a taxi to take you back to your hotel. Taxis solicit your business by honking. If you take them up on it, discuss the price immediately. All prices should be around L50 to L60. If the driver seems unimpressed by how much you'll pay, ask to be let out at the corner—that usually closes the deal. Certain taxis are colectivos, in which several people going in the same general direction share a ride. It's a good compromise between the expense of a regular taxi and the inconvenience and risk of a bus. Look for lines of people in the side streets around Plaza Morazán, or yell out your destination when a half-full taxi honks at you.

If you'd like to call a cab, Pioneros is prompt and efficient, and has 24-hour service.

Taxi Company

Pioneros. 225–5563; 225–4346; 225–1555.

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