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Three North American airlines fly daily to Tegucigalpa: American from Miami; Continental from Houston; and Delta from Atlanta. The flights arrive and depart in the middle of the day. Taca flies here from other cities in Central America, with easy connections via San Salvador. Taca Regional has flights to San Pedro Sula and the Bay Islands. Sosa flies to San Pedro Sula, the Bay Islands, and Puerto Lempira. CM Airlines flies to San Pedro Sula, Roatán, and Puerto Lempira. Central American Airways flies to San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatán.

Airlines and Contacts

American. Edificio Palmira, Av. República de Chile, Col. Palmira, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán. 232–1414;

Central American Airways. Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontín, 233–1614.

CM Airlines. Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontín, 234–1886;

Continental. Edificio Palic, Av. República de Chile, Col. Palmira, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán. 220–0999;

Taca. Centro Comercial Criolla, Blvd. Morazán, Col. Palmira, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán. 221–1856;

Taca Regional. Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontín, 221–1856;

Airports and Transfers

About 7 km (4 miles) south of downtown Tegucigalpa, Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontín (TGU) has been nicknamed the "Stop and Drop," referring to the steep descents necessary to reach the short runway. A few international flights land here, although San Pedro Sula hosts many more.

There are special taxis at the airport, usually nicer cars and minivans. They charge more than regular city taxis, but their direct access to the airport often makes it worth the money. Expect to pay L150 to L200 to get to most hotels.

Airport Information

Aeropuerto Internacional Toncontín. Blvd. de la Comunidad Económica Europea, 233–1115.

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