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Fancy, upscale dining does not really exist here. When you come to the south, prepare yourself for small, family-run restaurants serving filling, basic cuisine, much the same as the típico (traditional) Honduran fare you’ve been dining on elsewhere in the country. Corn is king in the south, with Danlí the self-proclaimed "corn capital of Honduras." It’s natural that corn shows

up in many dishes in this region. Bread and tortillas here are all made from corn flour. The staple tamales come in many forms and sizes, and if corn can be incorporated, southerners know how to do it. Tamalitos, literally "little tamales," are filled with corn and served with sour cream. Montucas are tamales filled with grated corn, mixed with sugar, milk, cloves, and the meat of your choice—chicken, beef, or pork. Atol is a corn pudding usually served so runny that you can drink it as a beverage. It can also be chilled and solidified, more like a pudding to which we are accustomed. And good, old-fashioned corn on the cob is called simply elote.

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