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If you are looking to rent a car along the coast, head to La Ceiba. Most agencies have offices in town and at the airport, and many include insurance in the rate.

Major highways along the coast are well-paved and efficient, although local roads are subject to potholes and heavy flooding during the rainy season. Drivers here frequently speed, honk, and turn without signal, and livestock is likely to cross the road, so expect adventure and stay alert. Various police checkpoints stop cars to check license and registration, but the process is usually quick.

Rental Agencies

Advance Rent a Car. Hotel Posada del Caribe, Col. El Toronjal, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 442–8087;

Avis. Blvd. 15 de Septiembre, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 441–2802; 9986–0033;

Econo Rent a Car. Col. El Toronjal, by Hotel Emperador, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 441–6538.

Molinari. Parque Central, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 443–0055.

Toyota Rent a Car. Carreterra a Tela, La Ceiba, Atlántida. 441–0140; 441–2532.

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