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INGUAT, Guatemala's ever-helpful government tourism office, is open weekdays 8 to 4 and has an information desk in the lobby of its building in Zona 4. The airport office stays open daily 6 am to midnight.

A number of reputable tour operators offer half- and full-day tours of the capital as well as day trips outside the city.


INGUAT. 2421–2800.

Tour Contacts

Clark Tours. 2412–4700;

Guatemala Xpedition. 2385–2882.

Maya Expeditions. 2363–4955;

Mayan World Vision. 5704–4069; 5984–4121.

Mayabalam. 5544–1141.

STP Guatemala. 2223–5000;

Tropical Tours. 2339–3662;

Turansa. 2437–8182;

Viguatur Guatemala. 2477–3752; 5500–5595.

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