16 Best Bars in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Black & White

A lively young gay crowd frequents Black & White Wednesday through Sunday night, and there always seem to be drink specials on tap.

11 Calle 2-54, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

Blanco y Negro

Blanco y Negro, located in the same block as the Pasaje Aycinena and the Pasaje Rubio, specializes in reggae.

Diagonal 6, 13-08, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

Café & Bar Sabina

Café & Bar Sabina offers Trova, a kind of folk music that originated in Cuba.

8 Av. 12-21, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

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Café del Arco

The mellow Café del Arco serves light, café-style food to a mixed clientele, nightly except Sunday.

12 Calle 8-52, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala


Like its namesake 1980s television show, Cheers draws a friendly crowd, mostly for the sporting events being shown on the big-screen TVs.

13 Calle 0-40, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Edificio Paseo Plaza

Edificio Paseo Plaza makes club-hopping easy (and relatively safe) by offering half a dozen venues with differing personalities in the same building.

3 Av. 12-38, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala


Frida's offers a gay night the last Friday of every month.

3 Av. 14-60, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala


A branch of the outlet by the same name in Antigua, Frida's is a place to knock back a margarita with a few friends, with prints by Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as backdrop.

3 Av. 14-60, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi is an upscale bar that caters mostly to tourists.

14 Calle at Ave. La Reforma, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala


Jake's the popular restaurant, also has a sophisticated lounge perfect for a quiet drink in a grown-up atmosphere.


We like Kloster, a German oom-pah-pah kind of place with a variety of fondues as well as tasty microbrews.

13 Calle 2-75, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Otelito Season Lounge

Otelito Season Lounge located in the Otelito hotel, offers an intimate, modern space where the color scheme changes with the calendar.

12 Calle 4-51, Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala

Pasaje Aycinena

Pasaje Aycinena, along the Pasaje Rubio, a convenient, relatively safe pedestrian zone, is the best bet for tourists. The atmosphere is "alternative," with lots of young people (including many Europeans). Among the establishments you'll find here are the venerable Cien Puertas (the oldest bar in the neighborhood), Bacabes (which features live rock music in Spanish and English), La Luna (Trova), and Capuccino (Spanish-language rock).

9 Calle 6-47, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

Pasaje Rubio

Pasaje Rubio, adjacent to the Pasaje Aycinena, is another popular pedestrian zone. It has a bohemian feel, with a variety of establishments for every personal and musical taste. A highlight is El Portalito, once the hangout of Guatemala's Noble Prize-winning author Miguel Ángel Asturias.

9 Calle 6-25, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala


A mixed crowd dances the night away at Rouge.

4 Calle 5-30, Guatemala City, 01001, Guatemala

William Shakespeare Pub

Despite its name, William Shakespeare Pub doesn't exactly evoke an English pub, but is a convivial place to stop for a drink.

13 Calle and 1 Ave., Guatemala City, 01010, Guatemala