Bus Travel

To and from Guatemala City

The terminal de buses, or main bus station, is in Zona 4. From here you can catch a bus to almost anywhere in the country. Fuente del Norte has service to the Atlantic lowlands, Las Verapaces, and El Petén. Trans Galgos travels to the highlands.

Some companies run small minivans, which are a much more comfortable way to travel. Atitrans, Autobuses de Oriente, Transportes Express, and Turansa offer shuttle service to most cities.


Atitrans. 7832–3371; www.atitrans.com.

Autobuses de Oriente. 2238–3894.

Trans Galgos. 2232–3661.

Transportes Express. 2431–5500; www.tourguatemala.net.

Turansa. 2433–6080; www.turansa.com.

Within Guatemala City

Guatemala's network of red public buses logs dozens of thefts (and a few armed robberies) each day. Your chances as an outsider of escaping unscathed are slim, so we advise against using the system. Taxis are plentiful and reasonably priced; take them instead. The exception to the "no bus" rule is the TransMetro, a system of green public buses that travel on special lanes and stop at fixed stations with ample security. The first line opened in 2007; however, it runs a route through Zonas 1, 3, 8, 11, and 12, where visitors are not likely to find themselves. More routes are in the works at this writing.

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