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The "hero city" of Sevastopol—so-called for its roles in both the Crimean War and World War II—is on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula with its rolling hills and sunny vineyards. Founded in 1783 by Russian sailors as a naval fortress, the city became the most important base for the empire's Black Sea fleet. The name Sevastopol is of Greek origin and means "city of glory." Like almost all the cities of the Black Sea coast, it is on the site of an ancient Greek colony, in this case Chersonesos (or Khersonesus), and numerous archaeological fragments of its predecessor have survived. The shores of the bays, the city's streets, and its squares are a historical museum themselves. Because of its role in war, Sevastopol is filled with architecture and historical monuments memorializing its efforts through the ages. The citizens are proud of their history and the beauty of the city. Sevastopol is home to the famous Black Sea Fleet, a bone of contention between Ukraine and Russia. At present, the latter leases a part of the port from its former Ukrainian Republic, now an independent state. The fleets of Ukraine and the Russian Federation station side by side.

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