8 Best Places to Shop in Cappadocia and Central Turkey, Turkey

Karavan Carpet

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This six-floor store, on a street behind Mevlâna Caddesi, is a veritable treasure trove of collector-worthy rugs and antiques. The enormous stock includes pile upon pile of kilims and other carpets—many of them vintage—plus an extensive collection of antique carved doors and architectural pieces sourced from across Anatolia. There are also copper items, some glassware and ceramics, traditional Turkish musical instruments, handicrafts, and other funky finds.

Avanos Çarşı Seramik

Run by a cooperative of five artisans, Avanos Çarşı Seramik has an excellent array of functional and decorative ceramics, ranging from pieces with Hittite and Anatolian designs to the Kütahya and İznik styles more commonly seen in Western Turkey. Prices are negotiable.

Atatürk Cad. 13–19, Avanos, 50500, Turkey

Chez Galip

The oldest, most famous, and by far the funkiest pottery shop in Avanos, Chez Galip is known not just for ceramics but also what its owner calls the world's largest collection of human hair—thousands upon thousands of locks are on display in Galip's downtown shop, near the post office (PTT). The pottery selection includes both typical styles and interesting freehand sculptural pieces. The production facilities, and a wider selection of pottery, are housed in a larger venue about 1½ km (1 mile) away on the other side of the river (Yeni Mah., Hasan Kalesi Mevkii 3).

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İrfan Medeniyeti Araştırma ve Kültür Merkezi

The İrfan Medeniyeti Araştırma ve Kültür Merkezi, better known as the IRFA Center, offers an authentic look at the traditional arts of the region. The building is styled like a madrassa, with 10 small workshops surrounding an open-air courtyard. Each room is dedicated to a traditional Konya handicraft, so you can watch local artists making ebru, instruments, books, felt items, and other things. Some artists offer workshops. The building also has an indoor amphitheater dedicated to sema, with free performances on Friday and Sunday.


The upscale district of Kavaklıdere is home to an array of Turkish and international brands and designer labels, particularly along the lower end of the main drag, Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi, and its continuation, İran Caddesi. Just north of Kavaklıdere, the stretch of Atatürk Bulvarı heading toward Kızılay has more midrange shopping options.

Konya's Bazaar

Just south of Mevlâna Caddesi and west of Aziziye Caddesi, Konya’s traditional bazaar quarter has been renovated, and its pedestrian streets are now lined with nearly identical-looking merchants stocking an array of goods of interest mainly to locals, including jewelry, clothes, textiles, and household items. East of Aziziye Caddesi, the tiny alleyway known as Bostan Çelebi Sokak has so far escaped the face-lift and is home to several interesting shops selling carpets, antiques, and handicrafts. Farther down Aziziye near the intersection with Karaman Caddesi lies the Kadınlar Pazarı, an indoor food bazaar with vendors of spices, dried fruit and nuts, produce, cheeses, olives, and more.

Konya, Turkey
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Medrese Kapadokya

The shop and office of one of Cappadocia’s most in-demand interior designers is on Ürgüp’s main road. Medrese Kapadokya offers a range of pieces from artworks and antiques to handcrafted ceramics and furniture. Consistent among many of the pieces are designs and motifs from the civilizations of Anatolia.

Ahmet Refik Cd. No. 23, Ürgüp, Turkey


Although the few shops inside Ankara's citadel are undeniably touristy, the strip just across from the citadel's main entrance, near the Divan Çukurhan hotel, has a handful of small boutiques selling jewelry, ceramics, handicrafts, and olive oil. From there, the area from Atpazarı Sokak down the hill toward Ulucanlar Caddesi has narrow, winding streets with shops selling antiques, handicrafts, carpets, metalwork, and other items.