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The official tourist season—when hotel rates generally go upnd museum and castle doors open—runs from mid-May through mid-September. The whole country goes mad for Midsummer Day, in the middle of June. Many attractions close in late August, when the schools reopen at the end of the Swedish vacation season. Although many of the more traditional attractions are closed for the winter, there is skiing, skating, ice fishing, and sleigh riding on offer throughout the country.

Summer (mid-May through mid-September) is Sweden's balmiest time of year; days are sunny and warm, and nights refreshingly cool. Summer is also mosquito season, especially in the north, but also as far south as Stockholm. The colors of autumn fade in October, when the rainy season begins. The weather can be bright and fresh in the spring and fall (although spring can bring lots of rain), and many visitors prefer sightseeing when there are fewer people around. Winter comes in November and stays through March, sometimes longer. In Sweden this season is an alpine affair, with subzero temperatures. The days can be magnificent when the snow is fresh and the sky a brilliant Nordic blue.

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