Trekking, horseback riding, adventure sports such as canyoning and ballooning, and more contemplative outings like bird-watching and botanical tours are just a few of the specialties available at the main Pyrenean resorts.

Well populated with trout, the Pyrenees' cold streams provide excellent angling from mid-March to the end of August. Notable places to cast a line are the Segre, Aragón, Gállego, Noguera Pallaresa, Arga, Esera, and Esca Rivers. Pyrenean ponds and lakes also tend to be rich in trout.

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Pyrenean Experience. British expat Georgina Howard specializes in showcasing Basque-Navarran culture, walking, and gastronomy. The walking tours include accommodations and meals. Iaulin Borda, Ameztia, Ituren, 31745. 650/713759; From €1000.

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