Deià is perhaps best known as the adopted home of the English poet and writer Robert Graves, who lived here off and on from 1929 until his death in 1985. His grave can be found in the small cemetery at the top of the village. Deià is still a favorite haunt of writers and artists, including Graves's son Tomás, author of Pa amb Oli (Bread and Olive Oil), a guide to Mallorcan cooking, and British painter David Templeton. Ava Gardner lived here for a time; so, briefly, did Picasso. The setting is unbeatable—all around Deià rise the steep cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana. There's live jazz on summer evenings, and on warm afternoons literati gather at the beach bar in the rocky cove at Cala de Deià, 2 km (1 mile) downhill from the village. Walk up the narrow street to the village church; the small cemetery behind it affords views of mountains terraced with olive trees and of the coves below. It's a fitting spot for Graves's final resting place, in a quiet corner.

About 4 km (2½ miles) west of Deià is Son Marroig, a former estate of Austrian archduke Luis Salvador (1847–1915), which is now preserved as a museum, with a lovely garden and stunning coastal views. If you're driving, the best way to reach Son Marroig is the twisty MA10.

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