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From Madrid, the best approach to Andalusia is via the high-speed AVE. In just 2½ hours, the spectacular ride winds through olive groves and rolling fields of Castile to Córdoba and on to Seville.

Seville, Córdoba, Jerez, and Cádiz all lie on the main rail line from Madrid to southern Spain. Trains leave Madrid for Seville (via Córdoba), and two of the non-AVE trains continue to Jerez and Cádiz. Travel time from Seville to Cádiz is 1½ hours. Trains also depart regularly for Barcelona (2 daily, 5½ hours), and Huelva (3 daily, 1½ hours). From Granada, Málaga, Ronda, and Algeciras, trains go to Seville via Bobadilla.

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