Bovec is a friendly, relaxed, youth-oriented town that owes its modern existence largely to the adventure tourism afforded by the Soča River. The center is filled with private travel agencies, all offering a similar array of white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hydrospeeding, and canyoning trips. The Soča—by the time it reaches Bovec—is a world-class river that regularly plays host to international rafting events. The main tour operators are experienced, and the rafting trips are aimed at all levels of experience. The river is at its best in spring, swelled by the melting snowcaps. But it is raftable throughout the summer. Even if you don't decide to ride, plan a walk along the Soča's banks—the emerald green or electric blue (depending on the glint of the sun) color of the water is not to be missed.


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