The Haloze Hills

The Haloze Hills lie south of Ptuj, close to the Croatian border. Grapes are generally planted on the steeper, south-facing slopes, to take full advantage of the sunshine, whereas the cooler, north-facing slopes are covered with trees and pastures. The best way to explore the region is to pick up the Haloze wine route near Borl Castle, through an undulating landscape of vineyards and woodlands. For a map of the route plus a comprehensive list of vineyards and wine stores open to the public, inquire at the Ptuj tourist-information center.

On the road between Podlehnik and Polj?ane, keep an eye out for the sign for Štatenberg Castle, which has a lovely restaurant. Built between 1720 and 1740, Štatenberg is a typical example of the Baroque style favored by the local aristocracy during the 18th century.

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