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The staff members of the City Tourist Information Center (Gorodskoi Turistichesky Tsentr Informatsii ot Soveta po Turismu) are generally friendly, although they have a tendency to thrust maps and booklets at you rather than offering advice. The center has a database on cultural and sports events, hotels, major tourist attractions, and so on. The center also runs information booths in the most-visited spots of the city, including Palace Square, St. Isaac's Square, Pulkovo Airport, in front of Gostinyi Dvor metro station, and at Moskovsky railway station. At these booths, which have a big letter "I" on top, operators speak English, German, French, and Spanish. The booths are open daily 10–7. On the center's tourist help line, staffed daily 9–11, English-speaking operators can help with typical tourist questions, book hotels, get you a table in a restaurant, or even order flowers upon your request. They can also call police or an ambulance and help translate in case of emergency. The center also runs the Angels Service (Sluzhba Angelov), in which young Russian students help visitors at the Gostinyi Dvor metro station, the Moskovsky railway station, and other busy locations. The "angels" are dressed in uniforms that include a red jacket, a white baseball cap with letter "I" on it, and blue bags. In summer they work 10–10 and in winter noon–6.

Visitor Information

City Tourist Information Center (14/52 ul. Sadovaya, City Center, St. Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, 191023. 812/310–2831 information center; 812/300–3333 tourist help line. Weekdays 10–7, Sat. noon–6. Metro: Sennaya Ploshchad.)

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