3 Best Restaurants in Murmansk, Russia



Japanese and European are the cuisines that are fused here, with an added Russian twist. Start with Western-style sushi rolls and sashimi, which satisfy the region's newfound love of those dishes, while the rest of the menu is dedicated to long-standing classics like steaks, chicken cutlets, salmon fillets, and lamb shanks garnished with the usual root vegetables, mushrooms, and greens. The chic, disco-inspired interior and Instagram contests, however, make it all feel hip, new, and energetic, especially when the DJ starts spinning records at night. The extensive cocktail menu at the bar helps as well.

Royal Hunt


The bounty of Murmansk's immense surrounding forests are grilled up at this hunting lodge style restaurant. Supplied by local hunters, the kitchens uses whatever is in season—deer, bear, salmon, moose, wild boar, and elk—and prepares them according to traditional Russian recipes. Local berries, like sea buckthorn, also find their way into many sauces and juices. Many of the animals on the menu also exist as trophies decorating the room, fitting relatively naturally into the wooden interior, which also displays old maps, hanging fruit, colored glass, and shelves of white porcelain. Service is well regarded and accompanying live music is common.

Terassa Lounge


In the darkest periods of Murmansk's long Arctic winter, few places offer a more refreshing contrast than this exceptionally playful, Provençal-style oasis. Bushy trees, flowers, and vines are draped across the restaurant and complemented by hewn wood-block tables and grass-green armchairs. Baskets of fruit and sunshine- colored glass vases and bowls add yet another layor of cheer that easily turns romantic with the right dinner date. The international menu blends everything from pork chops and salsa to cod in coconut milk to spicy baked crab. The space also occasionally hosts fashion shows, contests, kids activities, and other events.

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