Top Reasons to Go to Moscow

See the spectacle of Red Square at Night: The heart of Russia is transformed at night by the glowing red stars atop the Kremlin towers and the lit-up fairy-tale onion domes of St. Basil's Cathedral.

Choose from Chekhov to Tchaikovsky: Tapping into the thriving arts scene in Moscow is easy; fitting in your many options—a play at the Moscow Art Theater, opera or ballet at the Bolshoi, or art at the Tretyakov Gallery—is the hard part.

Find the Hidden City: If you can conquer your fear of getting lost, wandering through the intricate side streets can be a rewarding experience. You may accidentally bump into architectural wonders, like the Melnikov House, hidden away on pereulok Krivoarbatsky, or find a quiet square or park you can call your own.

Eat well: Whether sharing drinks and zakuski (appetizers) with friends, grabbing a blin (thin pancake) on the run, or sitting down to a bowl of borscht and pelmeni (meat dumplings), dining in Moscow is a heart-warming experience.

Get fashionable: Moscow offers more for shoppers than just stacking dolls and Soviet-era souvenirs. Russian designers are making a name for themselves, and the boutiques around the city carry many original designs.

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