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Airbnb Wants to Send You to Dracula’s Castle for Halloween

Bran Castle

Two lucky (or doomed, depending on how you look at it) people will have the opportunity to spend their October 31 at the ultimate Halloween locale. Airbnb is giving away a one-night stay at Bran Castle, the Romanian fortress said to have inspired Count Dracula’s humble abode. One winner and a guest will arrive via horse-drawn carriage where they’ll be hosted by Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew and invited to explore every part of the castle from its highest towers to its darkest crypts.

In order to be entered in the contest, those hoping to follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Harker must visit Airbnb and write a short piece on what they would say if they were “face-to-fang” with the Count.

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