There are few places in this region that aren't served by at least one bus daily. Express coaches run by national operator Rede Expressos travel regularly between Lisbon's Sete Rios bus stations and the larger towns such as Santarém, Leiria, and Abrantes, while various regional companies ply those routes and others, many of them from Campo Grande station in Lisbon. Companies serving this region include Barraqueiro Oeste, Boa Viagem, Mafrense, Rede Expressos, Ribatejana, Rodoviária do Oeste, and Rodoviária do Tejo.

Bus Contacts

Barraqueiro Oeste. 261 334 150; www.barraqueiro-oeste.pt.

Boa Viagem. 263 730 530; www.boa-viagem.pt.

Mafrense. 261 816 152; www.mafrense.pt.

Rede Expressos. 707 223 344; 21 752 4524; www.rede-expressos.pt.

Ribatejana. 263 730 503; www.ribatejana.pt.

Rodoviária do Oeste. 262 767 676; www.rodoviariadooeste.pt.

Rodoviária do Tejo. 249 787 878; www.rodotejo.pt.

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