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From Warsaw, Route 7 (E77), a two-lane road for part of its length, goes directly to Gdańsk. From the west, the quickest route to the coast from the border crossing at Frankfurt/Oder is to take Route 2 (E30) to Poznań and then Route 5 (E261) via Gniezno and Bydgoszcz to Świecie, where it becomes Route 1 (E75) and continues via Tczew to the coast.

The road network in this part of Poland is relatively well-developed, and there are plenty of gas stations. Although Gdańsk's Stare Miasto (Old Town) and Główne Miasto (Main Town) areas are easily walked, a car is useful if you wish to visit other parts of the Tri-City region, such as Sopot and the museums and cathedral at Oliwa, or sights farther afield, though all of these are linked by the Gdańsk area transit system.

Smaller villages, beaches, and lakes of Pomerania are best accessed by car, especially out of season, when the number of bus connections decreases.

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