2 Best Places to Shop in Czestochowa, Poland


Poland's second largest supermarket chain, whose name means ladybug, is a great place to pick up edible souvenirs. Biedronka is a no-frills store with low prices and most of its products are local, although there are a few Portuguese imports since the chain's parent company is Portuguese. Jars of jam, colorful packages of cookies, chocolate bars, and local beer can all be carried home. There are a half dozen Biedronka stores in Częstochowa, but we've listed the address for the branch closest to Jasna Gora.

Galeria Jurajska

There are more than 200 stores at this mall next to the Warta River, along with a food court, a movie theater, and a small grocery store. All four of the bookstores here sell English-language books, with the biggest selection found at Empik. On American brands, clothing prices here will not be as low as they are in the U.S., but if you've forgotten a bathing suit or need an extra layer, it'll be easy to find here, especially in chains H&M and Zara.