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Bergen is 462 km (287 miles) from Oslo. There are three main routes between Oslo and Bergen, with Route 7 across the Hardangervidda Plateau the most scenic. The 67-km (42-miles) stretch between Haugastøl and Eidfjord is part of the designated National Tourist Route. If you choose Route 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet or E16 over Filefjell you will pass through the world's longest road tunnel.

From Granvin, Route 7 hugs the fjord part of the way, making for spectacular scenery, but the road is very narrow. A quicker but less scenic drive is to follow Route 13 from Granvin to Voss, then take E16 from Voss to Bergen. Be aware that there are lots of tunnels on that road. In winter, several mountain passes are prone to closing at short notice. The Public Roads Administration's road information line can give you the status of most roads.

Driving from Stavanger to Bergen involves two ferries and a long journey packed with stunning scenery. Downtown Bergen is enclosed by an inner ring road. It's best to leave your car at a parking garage (the cheapest and most accessible is ByGarasjen, near the train station, and Klostergarasjen, near Nordnes) and walk.


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