• Plan Your Moselle Valley Vacation

Plan Your Moselle Valley Vacation

Legend has it that the rambling vineyards in the fertile Moselle valley were originally developed to satisfy the wine-drinking habits of Roman legions. (Roman antiquities still occasionally surface in the well-cultivated soil.) Today the Moselle river serves as the border between Luxembourg and Germany, and graceful vineyards still line the valley. The Route Du Vin, a road and hiking/biking trail, runs up the Luxembourg side of the river from Schengen in the south and to Wasserbillig in the north. Along the route is a series of villages, many charmingly old-fashioned, and each seemingly with its own microclimate, which accounts for the variety of grapes to be found. The valley produces a spectrum of light, fruity, flavorful white wines as well as cremant, a dry sparkling wine similar to champagne.


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